5 Best Engagement Rings For Soon-To-Be Brides

If you’re anything like me, you might have a hard time looking for that right engagement ring that suits your style and budget. Selecting the best one might be a bit overwhelming given the many varieties of engagement rings, from rose gold to vintage. But worry no more because here in this article, we round up 5 engagement rings that are popularly available on the market today.

We have reviewed the engagement rings based on their material, quality, and price. We selected diamond because it’s commonly used for engagement purposes. Excited to get to know each of them, keep on reading and take our advice.


How To Choose The Best Engagement Ring

1. Observe Her Style

Nowadays, couples shop together to buy rings. However, if you’re looking to surprise her, make sure to do some investigation. You can ask her friends about her preferences or you can pay close attention to her jewelry.

Does she love silver, gold, or platinum? Is she a lover of simple or fancy pieces? Take note of these things for a couple of days and size up her style.

2. Work On Your Budget

Buying the best ring shouldn’t cause you a major debt. That’s why it’s practical to work on your budget the best way you can. For example, if your budget can’t buy a size queen ring, look for a ring with a slightly bigger surface area.

A one-carat ring will look much bigger if the stone is set in a shallow way. You can also give up a few carats to get savings. For instance, go for 1.8 instead of 2 carats.

3. Find The Right Size

Selecting the correct size of the band is vital of buying the right engagement ring. If you’re buying it as a surprise, sneak out one of her rings and let a jeweler measure the size.

You can also refer to this ring measurement guide. If the size of the ring falls between sizes, select the larger size.

To learn how to measure your finger ring size, watch this video by ZEVARRtv.

What To Look For



Most traditional engagement rings feature a diamond or sapphire center gemstone. These two gemstones also rank high in Mohs scale of hardness. This means that they can withstand the everyday wear needed of engagement rings.

Sapphires are more affordable than diamonds so selecting a sapphire gemstone offers great savings in your budget. They don’t only come in deep blue color but also in pink, yellow, and other colors.


If you want to surprise your future bride with an engagement ring, then you better know what shape she loves. Shape refers to the stone’s actual geometry. This is different from a cut, which pertains to the stone’s facet angles.

The round shape is by far the most common option. This is the reason why round diamonds are more expensive than other shapes. If you want a more affordable choice, look for non-round shapes, like princess cut and cushion cut.

Metal Band

The band of an engagement ring is commonly made of various precious metals, such as platinum and gold. Platinum is more durable but it’s more expensive. This precious metal is also hypoallergenic making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Select gold if you want the engagement ring if you want a more traditional look. Gold can come in several colors, such as rose, yellow, and white. Some people prefer gold because its hue offers warmth.

You may also look for a band covered with gemstones if you like more aesthetics at a lesser price. As compared to getting a large center stone, a ring with multiple stones costs less than 90%.


Setting refers to the metal framework that securely holds the stone in the band. The way a gemstone is framed can give a major impact on the ring’s appearance. For instance, a bezel makes the gemstone appear larger.

There are two types of settings: pronged and invisible. If you want durability, look for at least six prongs or a bezel. You may want an invisible setting if you don’t want any metal to get in the way of the gemstone.

Learning The 4C's

When you’re selecting a diamond engagement ring, be aware of these 4C’s.


The cut is the only feature of a diamond not affected by nature. This characteristic is vulnerable to errors and bad practices. Cut incorrectly and the determining sparkle will be less desirable. Ensure that the cuts aren’t too shallow nor too deep because they will affect the brilliance of the diamond.


This feature measures the weight or size of a diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 gm. Most diamond engagement rings weigh between half to one carat.


White or colorless is the most valuable and rare color of a diamond. Jewelers usually grade this colorless color with a "D". The scale goes as far as "Z" and between these two grades, diamonds will show subdued colors. If you like to have a fancy type of diamond, look for very strong and unique color.


This characteristic grades the clarity of the stone. It tries to determine the visible flaws and small inclusions that can impact the diamond’s fire. The best stone is graded Internally Flawless or IF. A clarity grade of Slightly Included 1 or SI1 is also alright. Avoid diamonds graded Imperfect 3 or I3 because they’re the worst.

Top 5 Best Engagement Rings On The 2017 Market

#1. Houston Diamond District 1.10 Carat 

This Houston Diamond District Diamond Engagement Ring boasts a 1.10-carat size diamond stone that offers a luxurious brilliance. The prong setting secures the diamond well into the white gold band to endure the constant wear. The diamond features a G-H color and is graded SI1-SI2.

Aside from the center stone, the band is also covered with tiny stones to bring more elegance. The diamonds feature a princess cut/shape making them unconventional and more affordable than traditional round diamonds. In case you’re not satisfied with the ring, you can ask for a refund or replacement.


  • Has an eye clean clarity center stone (SI1-SI2)
  • Uses 100% natural, conflict free diamonds
  • Supports a 30-day return policy
  • Comes with a free Certificate of Authenticity
  • The diamonds are near colorless and have a nice sparkle
  • Has a durable construction to take a beating
  • The center stone is held securely in place.


  • The prongs may scratch your other fingers
  • The white gold plating may wear off over time.

#2. Chandni Jewels 1.2 Cttw 14k White Gold

The Chandmi Jewels White Gold features a cushion cut of diamonds to give that unique design at a lesser cost. The diamonds are all natural and conflict-free. This makes the source of the diamonds reliable.

The slide stone diamonds that cover the 14k white gold band and surround the center stone has a SI1-SI2 clarity and H-I color. The 0.5-carat center stone, on the other hand, has an I1 clarity and I-J color. This ring comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity which proves that the diamonds are real.


  • Has a large center stone with great clarity
  • Features some slide stone diamonds to accentuate the center stone
  • Made of natural and conflict-free diamonds
  • Satisfaction guaranteed- supports a 30-day return policy
  • Has the highest carats among all rings reviewed
  • Very shiny, bright, and sparkly
  • The stones are held securely in position.


  • Slightly expensive as compared to similar products
  • The center stone has obvious inclusions.

#3. Diamond Manufacturers USA 1/2 Carat

The Diamond Manufacturers USA 1/2 Carat features a 14k white gold round to give that silvery finish. It has a K-L color and I2 clarity which may give some pronounced inclusions. The shape of the stone is round to give that traditional look.

I love that the center stone is large to display that simple, yet elegant appearance. The prong setting allows the stone to sit securely in place making it endure the daily wear and tear. The diamond is untreated making it pure and natural. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the ring, you can return it within 30 days.


  • Supports a 30-day return policy
  • The diamond is untreated and conflict-free
  • Features a K-L color for that subtle hue
  • Graded I2 in clarity for that almost flawless look
  • Simple, yet elegant
  • The center stone is round and large
  • The price is attractive
  • The prong setting holds the stone securely in place.


  • The metal plating on the white gold band seems to fade over time
  • Has pronounced inclusions.

#4. Szul AGS Certified 1 Carat 

The Szul 1 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring has a 14k white gold band to give that shiny, silvery look. The center stone is set with six prongs to hold it securely in place. It’s graded with an I2-I3 clarity giving that pronounced inclusions.

The diamond gives off a faint color because it falls within the color scale of J-K. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered to provide refunds in case you’re returning it. A 60-day complimentary repair service is given to give you peace of mind in case the center stone falls off accidentally.


  • Very durable with its six prongs that set the stone securely in place
  • Offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Provides a 60-day complimentary repair service
  • Has a simple, yet attractive design
  • Features a large center stone
  • Designed with a bright white gold band
  • Comes with a nice complimentary packaging
  • American Gemological Society (AGS) certified.


  • The stone gives pronounced inclusions
  • The yellow tint color is noticeable.

#5. Pompeii3 Inc 1 1/10ct Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring

The Pompeii3 1 1/10ct impresses a luxurious style with the cushion halo shape. The 10k white gold and gives off a bring silvery appearance. The 95 round cut accent diamonds give a nice complement to the 1/5ct center stone.

I’m impressed with its warranty because it offers an incomparable lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. This simply shows how confident Pompeii3 Inc is on the quality of the engagement ring. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove that the diamonds are real.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Covers a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee
  • Very shiny and bright
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • The clarity of the stone is almost colorless
  • The 95 round cut accent diamonds make the ring even more beautiful.


  • The finishing of this ring is a bit bad because there some scratches around it
  • The small stones may fall off easily
  • Center stone is a bit small but the multiple tiny stones make up for it.


Out from the top 5 best engagement rings reviewed above, my pick is the Houston Diamond District 1.10 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring because it has the best features. First off, the engagement ring is made of diamond which means it’s very hard and durable. As compared to its competitors, Houston Diamond has the highest grades in color (G-H) and clarity (SI1-SI2).

The G-H color makes the engagement ring almost colorless while the SI1-SI2 clarity makes the inclusions only visible from the pavilion. The center stone is set with prongs for durability and shaped with a princess cut for that unconventional look. The white gold band may not be as durable than platinum but the price is far less affordable.

If you have tried buying an engagement ring, share your thoughts in the comment section. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

5 Best Engagement Rings For Soon-To-Be Brides
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